While hundreds of prisoners have been released in the meantime, the full relocation of Hudaydah`s troops has not yet taken place, raising fears that the Stockholm Agreement will fail and the fight for Hudaydah will resume. On Sunday, the coalition reported on progress on the military side of the agreement. The Riyadh agreement, which aimed to centralize all military factions and form a 50/50 government between North and South, was never implemented. The Riyadh agreement, first proposed in November, aims to end clashes between the Yemeni government and STC fighters in the southern provinces. The statement also stressed that the obstacle to the differences between the government and the STC on the order of implementation of the military and political components of the agreement has been overcome, agreeing to complete the military and security plans necessary for the implementation of the military and security component. In a statement to The Arab Weekly, the deputy head of the STC`s media department, Mansour Saleh, said, “The council considers the serious direct implementation of the agreement a great achievement that enhances the security situation and completes the implementation of what was agreed as agreed in Riyadh under Saudi apices.” The Riyadh Agreement has suffered many setbacks and has never been implemented, but Saudi Arabia made another breakthrough in July to drive the process. Under the resolution, Yemen`s Southern Transitional Council (STC) would rescind self rule, implement the Riyadh agreement and appoint a governor for Aden, said the statement on Wednesday. Redeployment Coordination Committee Chairman Lt Gen. (Ret) Abhijit Guha said: “There has been significant progress, but challenges remain, including periodic violence that undermines the spirit of the hodeidah agreement.” On Friday, Saudi Arabia`s ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-Jaber, said the Riyadh agreement would “respect peace, security and stability” and that the Yemeni people would “reap the rewards” of the agreement. While these measures to implement the Riyadh Agreement represent remarkable progress, it is not yet known whether they will help overcome long-term divisions between the two sides or prevent both sides from undermining the agreement.