There are different types of taxi licenses that are regulated and that can be issued in the ACT: To make an offer, click the button below. Your offer is not required until a lease is entered into. A taxi licence holder can surrender his taxi licence at any time by giving him a discount declaration. A notice of surrender must be made in the form approved by the Commissioner and indicate the effective date of the rebate. All remaining royalties at the time of remission remain payable. Mr. Watkins added that drivers who retired or could no longer use their taxis would rent their license plates to another driver or offer their license plates to a younger driver who, in turn, would receive income. “It`s a practice that continues to this day and will last a long time,” he added. To facilitate the transfer/sale of an indeterminate taxi licence, you must refer to the Public Transport Regulation at 6207 0050 to make an appointment or enter into other agreements if you reside between states. Anthony Newbold, the Prime Minister`s press secretary, had previously suggested that the government would also try to move away from renting taxi license plates.

But Mr Watkins told Tribune Business: “Record rental is with us forever. We do not want to play with words, but we are trying to move away from the concept of leasing. BAHAMIAN taxi drivers continue to face competition from hotels that offer their customers ground transportation outside the property, says their union president. For example, 12-month leases, 6-month or 2-year leases, with monthly payments or weekly payments. The rights of record holders may apply to certain conditions relating to the booking to be used or the conditions of the vehicle, while operators may be extended to variable rates during a low demand for several months of exit clauses or advance exit clauses. Another option is the lease to purchase. ACTTPOA is pleased to structure and submit offers and offers between the parties in order to maintain confidentiality until the final transaction and lease agreement. Mr. Watkins also suggested that the long-standing practice of renting taxi plates could remain here, although the Minnis administration has suggested that it must comply with taxi license plate management rules. The rent for an indeterminate taxi licence is a private agreement between the licensee and the accredited taxi service provider. If you can outperform any of these prices, please send an offer or offer above either as a new offer or as a change to your previous offer. ACTTPOA regularly updates this information.

You can also contact our office on (02) 6145 0332 with a new offer. Three ACTTPOA officials have access to this information and each has confirmed a confidentiality agreement and will not use it for commercial purposes. ACTTPOA may charge a rental fee or, if not, the fee can be paid directly between the operator and the record holder.